A taste of Scandinavia – 16 April

A taste of Scandinavia

Our menu for 16 April is inspired by our recent trip to Scandinavia. Photos and recipes for this menu will be posted after 16 April.


Home-cured Scottish salmon with beetroot gravlax


Swedish meatballs with mustard and dill dressing and seasonal vegetables


Trio of desserts: dark chocolate mousse, mango and lemon tartlets, vanilla parfait

Coffee and tea


Suggested donation: £25


About wattleseed supperclub

A supperclub in SE13, bringing a taste of Australia to a corner of London
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7 Responses to A taste of Scandinavia – 16 April

  1. Renee says:

    What a great idea. I’d like to come with my boyfriend on the 16th April to eat and talk about all things Scandinavian, in particular Troels Hartmann in The Killing,Wallander and Stockholm.

  2. Handy Andy says:

    It honestly sounds delicious ad such fun!

    Thanks for the two weeks notice too, I’m going to try and come along.

    A photo or two illustrating your post BEFORE the night, might be an idea 🙂

    Good luck with this!

  3. nml says:


    Very nice looking menu! I’d recommend lingonberry sauce with the meatballs, as that is the traditional condiment to go with them…then again mustard and dill doesn’t sound too bad! This supper club is a very cool idea.


    • Hello NML

      Thanks for the suggestion. We think the meatballs work well with both: there may be lingonberry sauce on Saturday…
      Will you be joining us?

      • nml says:

        I didn’t have the opportunity to come, sadly. Looks like it went well though! I hope to come at some point when money and availability allow!

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