Supperclub lifts off!

Our launch supperclub, a taste of Scandinavia, on 16 April went well. Many thanks to our lovely guests who gave us some great feedback and laughed their way through the evening.

The evening started with a glass of Codorniu Pinot Noir Rose (thank you Codorniu for the fizz and flutes), a delicious pink cava which went down well with the guests and the chef. Then to the table and sundried tomatoes and rosemary palmiers were proferred while we finished plating up the starters.

Scottish salmon with beetroot gravlax, dill, mustard and honey dressing

We bought tail-end fillets (they’re easier to slice) of Scottish salmon (from The Fishmonger in Greenwich) and cured it at home using vodka, sugar, salt, dill and beetroot. The beetroot gives the salmon a beautiful colour and the other ingredients give a wonderful soft texture and flavour to the salmon. We served the starter with a dill, mustard and honey dressing and hand-made crispbread from Peter’s Yard, a great accompaniment to the salmon. A couple of guests enjoyed this dish so much they asked for it to be on all our supperclub menus!

Swedish meatballs with roast potatoes, sour cream dressing


Then it was on to mains. We used pork (from Drings in Greenwich) for our meatballs but had beef on standby in case of emergency. We served the meatballs with roast potatoes, spring greens, purple sprouting broccoli. With the dish we also served two traditional accompaniments: sour cream, dill and mustard; and lingonberry. We forgot to take a photo of the plates before they left the kitchen but one guest kindly put his knife and fork to one side to let us take a shot of his plate!

Dark chocolate mousse, vanilla parfait, mango and lemon tartlet


Dessert, but not just one… three. We took advice and feedback from sweet-toothed family and friends for this course and the guests’ feedback seems to have proved them right! There’s no one hero element on this dessert plate – it depends on your palate. We served: dark chocolate mousse (with a splash or two or rum), vanilla parfait with raspberry coulis, mango and lemon curd tartlets.

After serving tea, coffee and more wine, we joined our guests at the table to find out what they’d thought of the evening (most were first-time supperclub attendees) and share plans for our future supperclub events. We want to introduce some Australian flavours to our supperclubs – and that doesn’t mean everything will be cooked on the barbie, although we do have three!

We asked our guests, if they’d enjoyed the evening, to spread the word to friends and neighbours. And one guest has since tweeted about our supperclub and mentioned it in her blog.

We enjoyed the whole experience we’re going to do it all again, each month. Check out this blog and @wattleseed1 on Twitter for more details.


About wattleseed supperclub

A supperclub in SE13, bringing a taste of Australia to a corner of London
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One Response to Supperclub lifts off!

  1. So pleased the crispbreads went down a storm. Lovely idea serving them with the salmon. A personal favourite of mine too!

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